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With over 10 years of experience in this field, we have some of the best Indonesian translators and interpreters to help transmit your message across languages. We have team members living in Indonesia, USA, Switzerland, France, Japan, etc.

Who we are

We are a team of freelance translators and interpreters, and have been working together and supporting each other for years as a cohort. Each of us has unique skills and expertise.

We come from different backgrounds and offer services that complement one another. With backgrounds in education, the pharmaceutical industry, engineering,finance, copy writing, human resources, business training, etc., we offer a variety of specializations.

What we do

We do technical translations, project management, localization, and simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in seminars, workshops, conferences, and much more. We can provide you with whatever translation or interpreting service you need to and from Indonesian and English, French, Javanese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, etc.

How we do it

If you need translation done, or interpreters to bridge the language gap in your events, please send us the job details and we will get back to you with our quote. Translation is charged by the word and editing by the hour. For interpreting we quote hourly and daily rate. Reach out to get the best service tailored to your needs. 

Meet our team

Vina Andriyani

Vina Andriyani

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Justin Weinstock

Justin Weinstock

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Sylvia Suan

Sylvia Suan

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Fey Mokoginta-Sroka

Fey Mokoginta-Sroka

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We will get the job done

No matter how big or small your job is, our team will get it done for you, within your budget & timeline.

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  • English (American/British)
  • French
  • Javanese (Basa Jawa)
  • Sundanese (Basa Sunda)
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
International Federation of Translators
Indonesian Translators Association

Bristol Myers-Squibb
Asian Development Bank
Mazda Motor Indonesia
T&B Solutions
Ace Group
Miles Films
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