Why work with us?

We transfer the right message and help you achieve your goals!

We fully understand that choosing a translation and interpreting service provider is an extremely challenging task. Here are some reasons why you should consider us as your language service provider:

Languages serviced

We offer translation and interpreting services in several major Asian languages, including Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and will soon complement our freelancer team with other South East Asian languages such as Malay, Thai, Filipino/Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Cambodian.


Our team consists of highly qualified professional translators and interpreters with good track records in the industry. We are experienced working with global agencies and are regularly engaged in big projects from some of the most well-known companies in the world.


Domain expertise
We have translators and interpreters with considerable in-depth expertise in various fields, including engineering, software & IT, advertising, copy writing, business and marketing, law, finance and banking, training and education, tourism, religion, and many more.


Project specializations
We bring a customized set of skills and approaches to each of the translation or interpreting projects that we handle. With our long experience in the industry, we understand the process of getting your message across through translation/interpretation and keeping quality control, and we are able to quickly deliver the quality results in order for you to achieve your goals.

Processes & quality control
All our translators and interpreters are seasoned professionals. We are members of various professional translators associations which certify their members regularly. Translations are done only by translators who are native speakers of a project’s target language. For example, Indonesian to English translation would be done by a native English speaking translator, and vice versa. We are a team of highly qualified people and we do quality checks on each other's works.

Our rates are among the most competitive in the industry because you will be working directly with end-vendors or freelance translators and interpreters, thus eliminating the expense of paying project managers or agencies fees and commission.

Consultative approach
While the translation services industry is based on the per-word model and the interpreting services based on the per day model, our freelancers will understand your requirements and suggest ways to reduce your costs. If you are looking for translation/interpreting services in one language pair you can contact us directly at info@translating.asia for assistance. Once the best team member is selected, you’ll communicate directly with him/her. If your project requires more than one language pair, we can provide the languages needed. As of now, we have English, French, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Javanese, and Sundanese, and will be adding more in the future. Coming soon are Cambodian, Malay,Thai, and Filipino. In the case of a multi-language project, the group administrator will act as the project manager and arrange everything for your convenience.

Personalized service
We understand that your project is different from the others and we would make it our personal business to meet your translation objective. Your project will be handled only by translators/interpreters who are experienced in the specified material and if we do not have the expertise needed to handle your material, we would not take your job.

We work with Trados Studio, Wordfast, XTM, De Javu, OmegaT, Idiom Worldserver, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Audition, Subtitle Workshop, etc.


Over the years our translators/interpreters have been working for some of the biggest names in the world: Facebook, RIM (Blackberry), HP, Canon, Google, Henkel, Parker Drilling Company, Newcrest Mining Company, GE, Accor Chain Hotel, Booking.com, Asiarooms.com, Rosetta Stone, Porsche, World Bank, USAID, AUSAID, and ITSAP, to name but a few.

International Federation of Translators
Indonesian Translators Association
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  • Rates
Translating Asia
  • From USD 20 per hour
  • From USD 80 per hour
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  • From USD 20 per hour
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Asian Development Bank
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